Schools and Neighborhoods Stronger Together

BCF believes a strong Baltimore region starts with high-quality schools in vibrant, interconnected neighborhoods. To that end, our discretionary grantmaking is focused on enriching effective public schools with principal preparation,

COVID-19 Response Continues

In March, as a wave of novel coronavirus cases shuttered schools and businesses, BCF rapidly launched the COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Fund. The Fund was designed to meet immediate, intermediate, and long-range needs arising from what we knew—even then—would be a challenge unlike any we had ever faced. In just a few short months, generous individuals, families, foundations, and corporations contributed nearly $2.2 million to the effort.

WBC CDC: Fulfilling the Promise of Forest Park

BCF’s place-based investing in Northwest Baltimore is rooted in an understanding and respect for the area’s history and culture. Liberty Heights Avenue played a significant role in the journey of

The Race For Equity

The Education Trust’s Recommendations for Ensuring Equity in Education in the Midst of COVID-19 When responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first consideration must always be the safety and health

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In compiling a report on BCF’s impact and accomplishments in 2019, it felt as if we were writing about a time long ago. Still, 2019 was crucial for BCF because it prepared us for the unprecedented challenges of today. We spent the year striving to integrate our strategic plan priorities into our everyday work. We had thought-provoking conversations with donors; built purposeful partnerships in communities; and nurtured investments in organizations, schools and neighborhoods across the Baltimore region. We investigated racial inequality and advocated for a world-class educational system where every child has the opportunity to thrive. In short, we leaned into our role at the intersection of resources and relationships – where donors and communities alike converge for lasting impact.

Recent News & Updates

COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Response Grants

BCF’s response to the COVID-19 crisis began in mid-March with a series of emergency grants for distribution of food and essential supplies. Simultaneously, the foundation launched the COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Fund, mobilizing $2.2 million – and counting – to address the far-reaching immediate, intermediate and long-term effects of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Fund Donors

Our COVID-19 response is possible thanks to hundreds of generous individuals, foundations, and corporations. Below are just a few of the reasons why donors chose to give to BCF during this extraordinary time.

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