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Baltimore Clean Streets

Baltimore Clean Streets stipends young people to clean up West Arlington and other Northwest neighboring communities within the Liberty-Wabash corridor while offering youth an opportunity to earn some cash and take pride in their neighborhoods.

BMore Empowered

BMore Empowered provides technical assistance, strategic planning, and coaching services, and facilitates coalition-building and networking opportunities for emerging nonprofits, meeting a critical need of family-serving neighborhood institutions in Arlington, Dorchester, Ashburton, Penn North, Reservoir Hill, and Druid Heights, as well as citywide.

BMore Empowered

BMore Empowered provides technical assistance, strategic planning, and coaching services, and facilitates coalition-building and networking opportunities for emerging nonprofits, meeting a critical need of family-serving neighborhood institutions in Arlington, Dorchester, Ashburton, Penn North, Reservoir Hill, and Druid Heights, as well as citywide.

BMore Empowered

BMore Empowered provides technical assistance, strategic planning, and coaching services, and facilitates coalition-building and networking opportunities for emerging nonprofits, meeting a critical need of family-serving neighborhood institutions in Arlington, Dorchester, Ashburton, Penn North, Reservoir Hill, and Druid Heights, as well as citywide.

City Weeds

City Weeds seeks to feed and heal the community by growing food on vacant lots in West Baltimore, and runs a youth achievement program called Be More Green to train Baltimore youth and young adults to start, grow, and sustain enterprises that enrich the city’s land, community, and people, through the creation of microbusinesses related to urban farming and the food industry.


Cloverdale has been engaging young people in the Auchentoroly Terrace and Parkview/Woodbrook communities for over 60 years through basketball programming with free leagues, and youth and summer programming.

Creative Nomads

Creative Nomads enhances the professional development of arts entrepreneurs, and provides access to art, music, and cultural education programming for youth and families, including through partnerships with West Baltimore schools and community centers.

Druid Heights CDC

Druid Heights CDC develops residential and commercial properties to encourage community self-empowerment through the development of economic, educational, employment, and affordable housing opportunities, in the Druid Heights community located in central West Baltimore, and in surrounding communities that include the Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts District, Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street, Penn North, Reservoir Hill, Upton, Madison Park, and Sandtown-Winchester.

Elev8 Baltimore

Elev8 Baltimore partners with schools to support extended learning for children and youth, parent and community engagement, and health and wellness. Currently, Elev8 is the community school partner to 10 schools, four of which are located within BCF’s WxNW geographic focus area (Sandtown-Winchester Achievement Academy, New Song Academy, Edgewood Elementary, and Youth Opportunity Academy).

Faith and Work Enterprises

Faith and Work Enterprises conducts mobile outreach seven days per week in Sandtown-Winchester and has provided over 3,000 instances of crisis care support, primarily related to referrals concerning housing, medical care, mental health, drug detox and treatment, pregnancy and parenting, legal assistance, social services, internet access, and securing legal identification.

Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council

Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council is comprised of nine affiliate organizations (Fulton Heights Community, Liberty Square Community Organization, Mondawmin Neighborhood Improvement, New Auchentoroly Terrace Association, Panway Neighborhood Association, Robert W. Coleman Organization, Whittier-Monroe Association, Woodbrook Association, and Parkway Association) with a mission to build communities by providing service and advocacy for improved literacy, housing, educational, recreational, workforce, and cultural opportunities

Intersection of Change

Intersection of Change enriches the economic, social, and spiritual lives of those dealing with poverty-related issues in Sandtown-Winchester, Upton, and surrounding communities through renovation of vacant buildings to provide housing, arts, addictions counseling, community green space, and an urban farm.

LIGHT Health and Wellness Comprehensive Services

LIGHT Health and Wellness Comprehensive Services has been at the forefront of serving women, children, and families whose lives have been impacted by HIV, poverty, substance abuse, mental health, and trauma, and it operates a child care center that has been a safe haven for children of Penn North and Sandtown-Winchester.

Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood

Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood hosts twice-monthly meetings and a full calendar of events at which young men engage in interactive sessions with community, health, educational, business, political, and religious leaders, and provides young men a safe space to belong and thrive.


Nlife works in the Rosemont, Dorchester, and Central Forest Park neighborhoods, cultivating community through safer, cleaner, and greener neighborhoods, and creating positive social activities that promote community engagement along with social and physical health.

No Boundaries Coalition

No Boundaries Coalition addresses the extreme racial segregation of seven neighborhoods and their residents located within the 21217 zip code through programs targeting health and food justice, civic engagement, workforce development, and youth.

Omega Baltimore

Omega Baltimore has a public-private partnership with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks to manage and operate the Easterwood Recreation Center. The center, located in the Coppin Heights Ash/Co East section of West Baltimore, had been closed for four years when Omega reopened it in November 2012. Over 200 youth use this facility every week.

Penn North Community Association

Penn North Community Association represents the residents of Penn North by interacting with various Baltimore City agencies—including Public Works, Planning, Recreation and Parks, and Police—as well as the liquor board, to help shape the direction of development and new initiatives in the community.

Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts District

Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts District is Maryland’s only arts and entertainment district dedicated to the support, celebration, and promotion of Black creatives across a 149-acre district in Historic West Baltimore covering the Penn North, Upton, Druid Heights, and Sandtown-Winchester communities.

UPC Westside CDC

UPC Westside CDC works in Upton and the communities that border the Pennsylvania Avenue commercial corridor including Penn North and Druid Heights, managing the Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street and overseeing the implementation of the Historic Upton Neighborhood 2026 Master Plan.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis began as an effort by residents of the Panway community to address issues of blight, drug dealing, and illegal dumping through a partnership with the City of Baltimore to gate the four entrances to an alley, which they have greened and now use to host social capital building programs and events, such as an annual Juneteenth Festival and a teen environmental stewardship program.

Whitelock Community Farm

Whitelock Community Farm was founded in 2010, when a group of residents concerned about the lack of affordable, sustainable food sources in their neighborhood cleared and grew produce on a lot at the intersection of Whitelock Street and McCullough Avenue. The farm has grown to a two-lot, active green space with a focus on creating educational, skill-building, and leadership development opportunities; increasing access to healthy, affordable food; fostering positive community activity; and promoting dialogue about food access, neighborhood development, and environmental justice.

In October, BCF announced the award of $1 million to 20 nonprofit organizations working across neighborhoods in West and Northwest Baltimore. Grants were made possible by a gift from Facebook, in recognition of BCF’s commitment to race equity and as part of the social media company’s broader $1.1 billion investment in Black and diverse suppliers, creators, and communities in the U.S.


Building upon the place-based investments that BCF has been making since 2019 in Reservoir Hill/Penn North, Forest Park, and Howard Park, this $1 million gift provided the opportunity to increase investment in the ecosystem of Black-led nonprofits in selected school communities and to expand to contiguous neighborhoods. With input from the community, BCF designed a grants program for nonprofits providing programs or services that directly support the resiliency of Black people and communities, with a preference for nonprofits that are Black-led and geographically located within the focus neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were chosen because (1) they are the original investment areas outlined in BCF’s strategic plan; (2) they are adjacent to those neighborhoods; and/or (3) they are located approximately one-half mile from the two main commercial corridors—Liberty Heights Avenue and North Avenue.

Each nonprofit selected will receive a two-year grant commitment of $25,000 per year for general operating support, in recognition of BCF’s belief that people within communities know what is best for their communities, and that nonprofit organizations with visionary leaders need operating support to bring their bold visions to fruition. The specific activities that grantees undertake with these funds will be informed by their deep connection to and understanding of the unique needs of and strengths in these majority-Black neighborhoods, which have experienced disinvestment and devaluation for decades. Grantees will also be eligible, but not required, to participate in training provided by Facebook to build digital marketing and fundraising skills.

Starting this winter, BCF will periodically convene all 20 grantees to solicit feedback and invite their participation in developing plans and resources to continue building the leaders, organizations, and larger geographic ecosystem of Black-led nonprofits that work to strengthen these majority-Black neighborhoods. Future funding for this work will be supported through BCF’s Fund for Neighborhoods. 

Building Stronger Neighborhoods Regionwide

We have a nearly 30-year history of offering grants to resident-led groups and community projects in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. These grants give residents the resources they need to accomplish a small project, get more people involved, and encourage the next generation of neighborhood leaders. We also fund programs that support the development of leaders of all ages who are working to improve their neighborhoods and schools. Our support is intended to help identify, activate, inform and network leaders. And finally, we believe when schools and neighborhoods team up to improve their school and community, meaningful and lasting change can be made. We are interested in funding proposals in which the students and adults in schools collaborate intentionally with community residents, neighborhood associations, and other individuals, groups, and institutions in the area surrounding a school.

School Leadership

We believe that attracting and retaining effective and diverse school leaders is a key lever for change in Baltimore's educational landscape, and so we fund school leadership development efforts at the district and individual school level. We are interested in funding proposals that focus on principal coaching, mentoring, peer networking, wellness/self-care, as well as pipelines that identify and develop new leaders. We will also continue to support efforts that build a culture of appreciation and encouragement for school leaders.

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Apply for a Grant

Our on-line application system provides applicants with a portal to start a new grant application or to continue updating an application already in process. Please be sure to select the “Save and Finish Later” button when you are finished working on your application in order to save your current session’s work. At any time during the application process you can select the “Contact Us” button in the top right corner of the screen and you will be able to send an email to the Baltimore Community Foundation staff with specific questions. 

To be considered for funding, proposals must be submitted through the online application portal, however, we provide a PDF version of the application along with other useful forms here for your reference:   

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Place-based Grantmaking in Selected School Communities

We have allocated funds for two geographical areas that bookend a crucial corridor on the Westside of Baltimore City: Howard Park /Forest Park area (served by Calvin Rodwell Elementary Middle School and Liberty Elementary), and Reservoir Hill/Penn North area (served by Dorothy I Height Elementary). In these three schools and their surrounding neighborhoods, we will support projects and activities designed to make the communities safe, clean, green and vibrant; and improve the quality of the schools. Some projects may be neighborhood-focused, some school-focused and others collaborative projects between the schools and their respective communities.

Early Learning & Judy Centers

High quality early childhood education has a lifelong effect on students. Through our Early Learning grant program, we are interested in system-wide early childhood education proposals that will help Baltimore City and County's youngest learners, and their families, get the start they need. Nonprofit organizations that offer programs and/or services to Judy Centers are encouraged to contact the centers directly to explore partnership opportunities.

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