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2020 Baltimore Community Foundation
Annual Report

Letter from the CEO & Board Chair


Shanaysha M. Sauls, Ph.D

President & CEO

tom bozzuto

Thomas S. Bozzuto

BCF Board Chair

Dear Friends,

The year 2020 could be summarized in one word: pivot. We began the year with great hopefulness. We had launched a new strategic plan the previous year and begun integrating it into our everyday work. We were meeting with thoughtful donors; building purposeful partnerships in communities; nurturing investments in schools and neighborhoods; and advocating for systemic changes to advance racial equity. We moved into a new headquarters in the dynamic Mt. Royal Avenue corridor. It was all coming together.   
Then, the world changed.   
The existing challenges became ever more urgent. New, unforeseen needs emerged. Donors and community partners were at a distance, making it harder to connect with the wide range of stakeholders who inform and support our work. Suddenly, we had to put every tool in our toolbox to use in new and different ways.   
For example, we released restrictions on grants to school and community partners, allowing them to adapt programs and meet families’ evolving needs as only they could. We supported changemaking organizations as they pioneered new solutions to old problems, such as home wellness checks to provide a wide range of highly individualized resources and ensure student and family success. As BCF staff transitioned to remote work, we adjusted processes to ensure donor-advised grants continued reaching hard-hit communities. We established the COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Fund and committed to rapid response grantmaking whereby 100% of contributions to the fund would be regranted and no fund management fees charged. We expanded our advocacy efforts to include digital equity, supporting the nascent Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition and convening conversations on proposed policy solutions and investments.   
In short, we pivoted – successfully and in large part thanks to the generosity of our donors and fundholders. Even at the height of market volatility and uncertainty about the future, giving increased. By year-end, more than $38 million had been donated across BCF funds and a record-breaking $30 million distributed in grants, impact investments and program activities. Those funds were highly impactful, supporting multi-dimensional partnerships between community-based organizations, mid-sized ones and large institutions to reach every corner of the community. Grants from the COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Fund alone totaled $2.3 million and supported 13,000 wellness checks on homebound seniors; more than 17,000 hands-on activity kits for students learning at a distance; 177,000 pieces of personal protective equipment for frontline nonprofits and their clients, and more than 32,000 emergency food and supply kits for families struggling with unemployment and economic instability, among many other vital needs.  
Further, we were successful in 2020 because we never lost sight of our strategic plan and its focus on donor engagement, community engagement and thoughtful programmatic investments. Nor did we forget our unique role: bringing a diverse community of people together to build a better Baltimore. That role is more important than ever, as it’s clear that the effects of COVID-19 will be with us for years to come. If ever there was a time to reimagine the world and redouble our collective efforts, it’s now. With our relationships, the expertise within our network, and our ability to spotlight the best ways to support our region, the Baltimore Community Foundation is ready.    


Our Strategy

BCF’s Strategic Plan focuses on the powerful point of convergence between Donors, Community Engagement, and Programs. This is where we see impact; where visions are realized and hope is renewed. It requires expertise and entrepreneuralism, working with all kinds of changemakers to mobilize the unique resources each offers – from meaningful financial support, to purposeful policymaking, to the wisdom of lived experience and knowing what is possible. Together, we are a community building a better Baltimore.

Our Impact

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2020 Quick Facts

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Funds at BCF
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Total Assets
(as of 12/31/2020)

Combined Statement of Financial Position

  2020 2019


Cash $3,933,749 $3,495,417
Contributions receivable 870,985 1,959,562
Investments 237,369,155 204,961,612
Right of use assets 3,782,600  
Other assets 465,927 304,416
TOTAL ASSETS 246,422,416 210,721,007


Liabilities $2,377,669 $2,576,331
Right of use lease obligations 3,882,172  
PPP promisory note 479,900  
Endowment funds held for benefit of others 8,623,517 7,716,300
Net assets 231,059,158 200,428,376
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 246,422,416 210,721,007

Combined Statement of Activities


Donor contributions $38,863,907 $32,894,446
Investment income 26,873,902 28,598,612
Other income 541,741 463,285
Total Revenue and Other Support 66,279,550 61,956,343


Grants and program activity $31,837,101 $20,391,277
Operating and other expenses 3,811,667 3,597,853
Total Grants and Expenses 35,648,768 23,989,130
Change in net assets 30,630,782 37,967,213
Net assets, beginning of year 200,428,376 162,461,163
Net assets, end of year 231,059,158 200,428,376

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