Creating Change

The Neighborhood Fiber Company shows the power of community-driven corporate philanthropy Neighborhood Fiber Company CEO Karida Collins was raised in a Southern family that prioritized social justice and giving back. […]

Liberty Alumni Lead Fundraising Effort

Two years ago, Shelley Goldseker was reading a BCF Intersection newsletter like this one when she saw that her beloved alma mater, Liberty Elementary School (previously known simply as School […]

Small Grants Big Results

The Black Women & Girls Fund meets a critical need: operating support for under-resourced, overachieving organizations BCF donors offer value well beyond their financial resources, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise […]

Q&A with Harsh K. Trivedi

Harsh K. Trivedi, MD, MBA, Sheppard Pratt’s sixth president and chief executive officer, joined the BCF Board of Trustees in 2020. Dr. Trivedi is a board-certified psychiatrist and a child […]

Trailblazer Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Dorothy Krug paved the way for women in corporate America and beyond Aself-made woman. That’s how Clark Carter describes his second cousin, Dorothy Krug, who was hired as a secretary […]

Communities Take the Lead

As the COVID-19 crisis took hold a year ago, large institutions struggled to address issues ranging from food insecurity to remote learning loss to insufficient broadband. Many turned to community-based organizations for their on-the-ground expertise. Though relatively small, these grassroots organizations are largely comprised of staff who were born and raised in the communities they serve. As the pandemic unfolded, deep relationships allowed community-based organizations to identify children and families most at risk. A foundation of trust ensured that resources were accepted without hesitation. Further, these organizations had long operated with limited financial support, but a driving commitment to meeting needs. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as the old proverb goes and their creativity has led to innovative solutions with immediate impact and the potential to be game changers long-term. Well beyond COVID-19, with sufficient support, the work of community-based organizations could be replicated and scaled to build a stronger, more equitable Baltimore—and beyond. Thankfully, BCF’s strategic plan includes a strong emphasis on community engagement, giving us a front row seat to the powerful work underway. Here, we profile just a few of the ingenious individuals and organizations that are leading the charge.

The Power of Place-Based Investments

With support from BCF for a host of organizations and projects, new investment is underway in Howard Park and Forest Park! Hover over the image to pause the slideshow. The […]

Schools and Neighborhoods Stronger Together

BCF believes a strong Baltimore region starts with high-quality schools in vibrant, interconnected neighborhoods. To that end, our discretionary grantmaking is focused on enriching effective public schools with principal preparation, […]

COVID-19 Response Continues

Eric Jackson of Black Yield Institute

In March, as a wave of novel coronavirus cases shuttered schools and businesses, BCF rapidly launched the COVID-19 Evolving Community Needs Fund. The Fund was designed to meet immediate, intermediate, and long-range needs arising from what we knew—even then—would be a challenge unlike any we had ever faced. In just a few short months, generous individuals, families, foundations, and corporations contributed nearly $2.2 million to the effort.