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916 Foundation Fund
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The 916 Foundation, set up on the occasion of their marriage - September 16, 2006, is an ongoing effort by Mimi (Killebrew) and Hylton Jolliffe to help them celebrate their union and remember their wedding day by giving to the causes they care about. Their belief: they've led extraordinarily privileged lives and are very grateful for the many opportunities and institutions their family and friends have helped them access.
The 916 Foundation, made possible through the generous support of their friends and family, is a way for them to provide ongoing support, in a material, meaningful way, to organizations and causes in the communities in which they live, work, and play.

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Alison Rose Tunis Fund
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This fund was established by Sean Tunis and Nancy Kass in honor of their daughter Alison, who was born on March 25, 1994 and died May 6, 1994 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Even as a little baby, Alison seemed like a little dancer, moving her hands and legs around in the air. The fund supports bringing performing artists into city schools to do participatory workshops with children, grades K-5. To enable young children to have fun with music and dance seemed a fitting way of keeping the spirit of Alison-the-little-dancer alive, not just in memory, but in a very real way.

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